Please forgive me, for I lied to you…

I lied when I told you “you are so pretty”.

When I heard you talk, I lied and told you “you have the sweetest voice”. I lied when I told you your eyes glimmered like jewels.

I lied when I touched your skin, and told you it was smoother than silk. When I kissed you, and tasted your lips, I lied and told you “they’re sweeter than honey”…

I never knew I was such a liar, until I met you! Forgive me, but I had to lie….

I couldn’t find a way to describe your… your… I can’t say “beauty”… I would be lying again… you are far from being beautiful…Please don’t get me wrong … but when I saw you … I knew what it felt like to be in heaven.. to be with an angel…Please forgive me… but I lied to you again … over and over again .. I hope you understand… I lied when I told you …..“I love you” … !!

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